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Project Status: FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla B” power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia

Our dedicated team has successfully mastered one of the most technically challenging tasks – the installation of Booster Fans (Boost Up Fans) at the FGD Plant TENT B project. This complex operation required precision, expertise, and flawless coordination from each member involved.

We’re immensely proud of our team’s exceptional dedication and synchronized efforts. Despite the numerous hurdles we encountered along the way, we’ve achieved remarkable results!

This project update highlights the unwavering commitment of every individual who contributed to our success. It’s a testament to what can be accomplished when we work together as a united force. 🏆
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence.

Thank you to our amazing team and partners for making this achievement possible! 🤝

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Congratulations to Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) on its 130th anniversary

Today, we extend our warmest congratulations to Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) on reaching a historic milestone – 130th anniversary. 👏

We are incredibly proud to have been a part of their journey, working hand-in-hand with EPS for over a decade.

Our collaboration began with the refurbishment of mills and the NOx emission reduction system in the TENT Obrenovac A Power Plant on Unit A5, and it has evolved to encompass two of the most significant environmental projects in Serbia – the construction of flue gas desulfurization systems in the Nikola Tesla Power Plants A and B in Obrenovac.🔋⚡️

Over the past 130 years, EPS has navigated an arduous journey, surviving many challenges. Throughout it all, EPS has remained steadfast in its mission of power generation and distribution.

At Activ, we look forward to deepening our collaboration with EPS in this evolving landscape. 🤝

Happy 130th birthday, Elektroprivreda Srbije! 🎂 🎈
Here’s to an even brighter and more sustainable future. 🥂

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📢A project status update on the FGD Plant at the Nikola Tesla B Power Plant in Obrenovac, Serbia🚧

Here’s a quick snapshot on our progress of the FGD Plant TENT B project:

🔷 Absorber B2: Sandblasting of the internal surfaces is well underway, covering approx. 2800 square meters! This marks the final stage before gumming, where we anticipate rubberizing around 3800 square meters.

🔷 Second Absorber: We’re wrapping up the preparation of cell surfaces, signaling another significant milestone!

🌍 Environmental Impact: Our dedication to environmental sustainability is unwavering. With the completion of the new desulfurization unit:
– We will reduce SO2 emissions from 80,000 tons annually to a remarkable 4,500 tons — that’s a 20-fold decrease! 📉
– We’re aligning ourselves with the European Union’s Industrial Emissions – Directive (IED) and the new BREF-Best Available Techniques reference docs, aiming for a 96% cut in the plant’s sulfur dioxide emissions. 🌳

➕Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible future. 🌱
🤝Together, we can make a difference!


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🏭 Project Update on the Phase 2 of the FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla A” power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia

👉 The lime slurry made in Phase 1 is propelled to Phase 2 through a pipeline. Phase 2 consists of two absorbers with wet stacks, which purify flue gasses. The byproduct of this purification process is the gypsum suspension, which then embarks on a circular journey back to Phase 1.

📸 Take a look at the progress in the accompanying photos. There you can see our impressive absorbers in action.
🌉 Another key feature is the pipe bridge that carries the pipelines which transport the lime suspension to the absorbers and return the gypsum suspension to Phase 1.

🔧 A major milestone: The flue gas absorber ducts are in their final stages. With all components expertly lifted and welded, the focus has shifted to insulation and panel installations – a display of precise craftsmanship.

✅ We are excited to share that Phase 2 is well underway and is projected to be successfully completed by the end of November.

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Project Status: FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla A” power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia

🏭 Exciting progress is being made on Phase 1 of the FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla A” power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia.

🔍 Phase 1 involves the processing of limestone, which means grinding and making a lime slurry. The lime slurry is then propelled through a pipeline to Phase 2, which includes absorbers with wet stacks that purify flue gasses. The gypsum suspension, a byproduct of this purification process, embarks on a circular journey back to Phase 1 through the pipeline network, where it is dried and deposited in a gypsum silo.

📸 The photos show the entire facility, the tallest being the gypsum silo, and the white building with the sloping roof is the limestone storage building.
Between them, you’ll spot the limestone mills, lime suspension tanks, and the necessary water. There are also the pipe bridges that provide pipelines which connect Phase 1 and Phase 2.

✅ We are pleased to share that Phase 1 is on track for completion within the next month.

At the core of this endeavor is the transformative impact on the Serbian environment.
Thanks to Mitsubishi Power’s cutting-edge FGD system, we anticipate a remarkable reduction of sulfur dioxide and particle emissions by a factor of 9. This equates to a reduction from approximately 74,000 tons to a mere 7,800 tons per year.

🌍 Now that’s a sustainable win!💪

Stay tuned for updates on Phase 2, next week, as we navigate the last steps of our journey towards a brighter, cleaner future.

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FBiH’s Transformative Energy Legislation for a Cleaner Future

Amidst ongoing discussions surrounding energy production methods, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) has recently taken a monumental step by adopting a transformative Law on Electricity, ushering in European standards, and shaping the future of the energy sector.

This law regulates energy policy and planning, as well as energy activities and permits. It also governs the regulation of construction of power plants, electricity production and distribution, and the supply and trade of electricity.

On top of that, FBiH is moving towards a sustainable future with the Law on Renewable Energy Sources and Efficient Cogeneration. This introduces prosumers and offers a number of benefits to entrepreneurs.

💚FBiH is taking big strides towards greener energy. These laws boost strategic planning, transparent investments, and a protection system for vulnerable electricity customers.

At Activ we welcome these forward-thinking initiatives as crucial milestones in the journey towards a more environmentally conscious and economically resilient energy future. 🌍

Read more about the new energy laws 👉

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A project status update on the FGD Plant at the Nikola Tesla B Power Plant in Obrenovac, Serbia🌱

Our dedicated team has been working diligently, and we’re proud to highlight the latest milestones achieved. 🚀

🔧 The final segment of the FRP elbow, with a diameter of 11,400 mm, underwent extensive preparatory work, including lifting, rotation, centering, and lamination. 💪

🏗️ Following the completion of pre-assembly, the FRP elbow was skillfully lifted and installed at the designated location within the project area. This elbow connects the absorber outlet to the chimney entrance (wet stack), contributing to the efficient flow of flue gas. Notably, the project involves the installation of two such FRP elbows. The video attached showcases a quarter of the impressive FRP flue gas duct. 🌬️

⏱️ The installation of the FRP segment was executed meticulously, adhering to detailed preparation and planning. We’re proud to acknowledge the exceptional collaboration of our on-site team, ensuring a swift completion within the shortest possible time. 👏

🌿 We’re pleased to highlight that this project will significantly reduce emissions of sulphur dioxide and particulates by a staggering 96%, from 80,000 tons per year, to 4,500 tons. Our commitment to environmental sustainability drives us forward! 🌍

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make remarkable progress at the Nikola Tesla B Power Plant. Together for a green future! 🌱

Please click on the link below to view the video on LinkedIn:

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Fueling Young Minds for a Greener Future: “H2STUDENT Sparks a Hydrogen-Powered Learning Experience!”

H2STUDENT is the first program in Slovenia dedicated to promoting young students’ competences in the field of hydrogen, with the mission of teaching them to learn about a sustainable future on their own. Through this program, they gain a comprehensive understanding that truly emission-free mobility and transport require the simultaneous development of the entire hydrogen value chain, connecting energy supply from nature with human demand.🔋⚡️

👉 More than 5000 primary and secondary school pupils have been successfully trained so far.

👉 H2STUDENT, alongside our esteemed partner ECUBES, has been spreading knowledge about hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and Croatia since 2019.

👨‍🏫  During the recent 3rd Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic Conference, where the H2HSTUDENT program was presented, we had the pleasure of witnessing the Grand Prix Hydrogen cars racing competition, where students showcased their skills. The competition emphasized the principles of DESIGN-BUILD-WIN, encouraging creativity and innovation among the participants.

We couldn’t agree more with the program provider, Dr. Matjaž Knez of the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor – children deserve enjoyable learning experiences. And H2STUDENT delivers that through engaging lectures, online content and numerous learning games. 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬

By raising young people’s awareness of the positive effects of using H2 technologies, H2STUDENT is spreading the idea of ​​sustainable mobility, the usability of hydrogen and the potential uses of H2 technologies among the general population.

🤝Activ has been supporting this remarkable program from the very beginning. We wish them continued success, especially at this year’s COP28 conference in Dubai.

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🌍 Activ explores new opportunities for cooperation in North Macedonia and Kosovo 🤝

Activ team took part in an economic delegation in North Macedonia and Kosovo from May 30th to June 2nd.🗓
During the delegation, we had the privilege to interact with distinguished guests including Ambassador Dr. Georg Woutsas, Macedonian Government Advisor Mr. Johannes Heidecker, Mr. Jürgen Schreder and Mr. Wilhelm Nest from Advantage Austria.

Although the industrial sector in these countries is still developing, the inflow of foreign investment is effectively strengthening their economies.📈
Moreover, in order to ensure sustainable growth independent of foreign investment, the government has announced investment projects worth approximately €4 billion for the period from 2022 to 2026, mainly in the renewable energy and environmental technology sectors.🔋

There is a strong interest in the Green Agenda in the Balkan countries. Especially in North Macedonia and Kosovo, which committed to implementing the Green Agenda at the Sofia Summit in November 2020.

👉Activ has attracted a lot of interest in these markets as a company that promotes cutting-edge technologies in the renewable energy sector.

We look forward to establishing new relationships with potential partners and chambers of commerce in North Macedonia and Kosovo. 👏

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Insights 3rd Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic Conference

We attended the 3rd Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic Conference last week and here are some insights.

👉Hydrogen is rapidly emerging as a vital component on our path towards a carbon-neutral society. This groundbreaking conference shed light on the immense potential of hydrogen, highlighting it as a key pillar of our future energy system.🔋

🟢The event showcased a prepared sector that is attracting investors from all corners. It was made clear that building hydrogen valleys is not just the responsibility of the industry, but a collective effort that involves everyone.

🟢 One of the highlights was an inspiring talk by the Belgian Minister for Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten. According to her, the transition to hydrogen has a particular impact on today’s youth and is a matter of energy security and resilience.

🟢 Attendees had the privilege of witnessing European best practices in the development of national and regional hydrogen ecosystems. Minister Van der Straeten, for example, presented the highly advanced implementation of the Belgian Clean Hydrogen Strategy, showcasing the importance of a comprehensive industry-driven approach.

🤝Among the most exciting developments was the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley (NAHV) project. This ambitious endeavour connects three regions, Croatia, the Italian Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG), and Slovenia, in an unprecedented trans-regional cooperation within the European Union. This project opens up a world of opportunities for economic development, youth education, and job creation in the North-Adriatic region.💼🌱

Let’s embrace the power of clean hydrogen and build a carbon-neutral society for generations to come! Let’s shape the future together!💚🌍

We look forward to hearing about your project.