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Project Status: FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla A” thermal power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia


➡️ Installation of FRP pipelines and recirculation system pump house is progressing well.

➡️ Rubber lining of tanks and the flue gas ducts on C1 are going well, all seventeen segments of the wet stack on the absorber C1 were successfully installed.

Since 2019, Activ has been working on this large and important project together with Mitsubishi Power, Japan.

This project represents a significant environmental contribution to Serbia thanks to the FGD system, emissions of sulphur dioxide and particles will be reduced 9️⃣-times in the future, from about 74,000 tons to 7,800 tons per year.

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Kelag Renewable Energy Conference “The road is long, the time is short”


Our partner KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft organized The Renewable Energy Conference. 🌱☀️🔋

The topic was “The road is long, the time is short,” with a focus on the energy transition in times of crisis.  

🟢 Top-class speakers in business, science, and politics dealt with questions such as renewable energy sources, energy turnaround, and climate protection from different perspectives, including political, technical, and economic points of view.

🟢 Speakers largely agreed that these issues, especially in light of the current conflicts, are a challenging task that concerns everyone, not only politicians and energy suppliers.

ACTIV attends their conference every year as a representative of Kelag in the Western Balkans, mainly because the best speakers always discuss current and future challenges in energy supply.


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Project Status: FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla B” thermal power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia


☑️ We have verified the project implementation alongside our partner Mitsubishi Power from Japan, a company that will provide state-of-the-art flue gas desulphurisation technology on this project.

The TENT B flue gas desulphurisation project will reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from 80,000 tons per year, to 4,500 tons, which is about 20 times less.

Therefore, the construction of the FGD plant will not only extend the lifetime of the TENT B unit, but also reduce the level of air pollution while improving energy efficiency in the country.

☑️ The project is progressing very well thanks to the efforts, expertise and experience of all the partners involved.


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New and strengthened strategic partnership with AMK Kraków S.A.

We are proud to announce a new and strengthened strategic partnership with AMK Kraków S.A.

AMK KRAKÓW S.A. is a modern engineering company offering customized technologies and products compliant with the IPPC Directive. All products and services offered by the company meet the highest quality standards, and environmental and safety aspects are always taken into account during the implementation of projects.

⭕The company’s range of services includes completion of new installations and industrial facilities as well as their modernization.

⭕Their products and services are used in the non-ferrous metals industry as well as in the energy, metallurgy, cement and lime industries and refineries.

We look forward to working with them on projects in South East Europe, as we believe that by partnering with AMK Kraków S.A., we offer our customers additional innovative technologies and solutions to reduce emissions in the energy sector.

Our shared mission is to ensure the highest quality standards and environmental considerations in the most demanding projects, and to continuously adapt to the latest sustainable technologies.

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FGD TENT B project in Serbia

The flue gas desulfurization (FGD) plant removes sulfur dioxides (SO2) from flue gas produced by boilers, furnaces, and other sources. Construction of such plant in Serbia will significantly improve environmental protection and ecology.

Guided by the knowledge and experience of our employees, as well as the trust shown so far by Mitsubishi Power, construction of plants on TENT A and TENT B reduces air pollution, as well as improves energy efficiency in the country.

Construction of FGD plant on both TPP Nikola Tesla B units should reduce the total amount of sulfur dioxide emissions from 3,000 milligrams to 130 milligrams per cubic meter.

It is estimated that in addition to the above, the commissioning of this plant, will reduce the level of emitted solid particles into the atmosphere from the current 50 milligrams to below 10 milligrams per cubic meter.

FGD process has a gypsum of “euro” quality (more than 95 percent purity) widely used in construction as a bi-product. Mixed with ash and slag, it is used in road construction.

TENT B flue gas desulphurisation project will reduce the level of sulfur dioxide emissions from 80,000 tons per year, to 4,500 tons, which is about 20 times less.

All co-operating partners share a strategic vision, pursue compatible targets, and contribute to the progress of the project.

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FGD TENT A project in Serbia

Since 2019, Activ has been working on a large and important project that contributes to Serbia’s compliance with EU environmental standards and serves as a support for future EU accession efforts.

The construction site of the largest flue gas desulphurization project (FGD) for improving the environment in Serbia is progressing well. The expert teams of all partners cooperating on this project, are currently engaged at the Power Plant Nikola Tesla A in the commissioning, and installation of the pipelines, absorbers bottom, and wet stack.

On this project, Activ cooperates with longtime partner Mitsubishi Power. Our part is to care about the project – project management. Mitsubishi Power parts are the flue gas desulphurization system and the whole technology.

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For the third year in a row, the Trebinje Energy Summit can boast of an excellent organization

Many scientists, professionals, and decision-makers from the energy sector, business, and industry attended the Summit again this year. This year’s event started with the expression “Building the energy future of the Western Balkans together”. The event was focused on the future of energy, fossil fuel divestment, and capacity building based on renewable energy sources.

Natural resources need to be carefully preserved and nurtured. The Trebinje Energy Summit provided an opportunity to hear from environmental experts who explained how to increase electricity production from renewable sources.

Together, we defined goals and strategy, which will enable the Western Balkans to join the European and world trends of the energy transition.

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Medal Award to Mitsubishi Power

The Association of Thermal Engineers of Serbia, awarded the medal “Atanasije Stojković”, named after the first Serbian engineer in the field of thermal energy, to our longstanding cooperation partner Mitsubishi Power Ltd., for the contribution to the development of scientific and technical thought in the area of Thermal science, work and increase of the Association reputation.

Ivan Baković, the director of our office in Belgrade, Serbia, attended the award ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of Mitsubishi Power.

We congratulate Mitsubishi Power on this medal award and wish them continued success in this important field.

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ACTIV’s third ground-breaking ceremony for FGD projects

On 01 December 2020 in Obrenovac, the ground-breaking ceremony took place for one of the most important ecological projects of the flue gas desulphurisation plants (FGD) – for the thermal power plant Nikola Tesla B Obrenovac (TENT B).

Shinichiro Mitsuyama, the managing director of the Mitsubishi Power Branch office in Belgrade, expressed satisfaction that Mitsubishi Power is engaged in the construction of the FGD plant, which will contribute to the improvement of environmental protection thanks to the best Japanese technology. He further pointed out that the company would build a reliable plant in a timely manner, which would be a true display of friendship and cooperation between Serbia and Japan.

The deadline for the completion of the project and the takeover of the plant by the state-owned electric utility power company EPS is scheduled for March 2024. With the construction of the FGD plant for both units of thermal power plant Nikola Tesla B, it is expected to reduce the total amount of sulfur dioxide emissions from 3000 mg/Nm3 and reduce them to the level of 130 mg/Nm3.

Media on ground-breaking ceremony:


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Trial operation of FGD plant at TPP Ugljevik continued

The company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) withdrew its experts due to the COVID-19 epidemic in April 2020, which partially stopped the trial work. At the end of July 2020, the plant was put into operation again, and the TPP Ugljevik reduced the level of air pollution significantly below the prescribed environmental standards. As of 26 July 2020, the flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) plant in the TPP Ugljevik is back in operation. According to Milutin Tasovac (executive director of TPP Ugljevik), it is showing excellent results, and the trial work will last another 15 days.

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