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Our managing director about youth, education and the close economic cooperation between Austria and Slovenia

According to our General Director Benjamin Wakounig, the President of The Slovenian Business Association (SGZ): “Slovenia and Austria are so closely linked economically that we can hardly do without each other”.

As the CEO of ACTIV Project Management and the President of The Slovenian Business Association, he supports the development of young people, especially young entrepreneurs.

From his experience, he says: “Our primary goal must be to take youth seriously and, with them, to maintain peace in Europe – in the past we would have said to preserve it, today I say – to restore it.”

Read more in the article from Das Magazin aus unserem Bundesland Kärnten Regional:

Plädoyer für die Jugend, Frieden und mehr Bildung

BENJAMIN WAKOUNIG: “I grew up in a Slovenian-speaking home; my father was a blacksmith, my mother a housewife. I’m proud of that.”

About Activ
We are pleased to officially unveil our new logo!

For the last 20 years our logo helped with an extra level of credibility to our company.

After careful consideration of our values and services and how they are reflected in our brand, we decided to modernize our logo.

The old logo was not clearly sufficiently linked to the service we provide, which is project management, particularly in the energy sector. New logo’s aim was to embody the company we have evolved into.

We kept the essential elements, as they are the basis of our company’s identity.

🔴The existing color palette has been slightly refreshed as part of the redesign for a more contemporary feel. By making precise improvements, we have created a more unified and coherent whole, ensuring that the colors work easily together. Blue continues to focus on trust, honesty and reliability, which are our guiding principles in maintaining customer loyalty. Red denotes our energy and passion for our business.

🔴 The sign above the typography indicates movement and action, emphasizing us as always goal-oriented, driven for the success of our projects – for your success.

🔴 The straight line with the added gradient has kept the basic idea, but at the same time we have modernized it to be more dynamic, solid, serious and modern.

Thank you graphic designers Wedesignstuff for bringing our logo ideas to life.

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Participation in the Koper/Trieste economic delegation 12.-13.5.22

The Austrian Carinthian Chamber of Commerce (WKK) and the Slovenian Business Association in Klagenfurt (SGZ) with an emphasis on logistics in the Alpine-Adriatic region, organized a visit to the ports of Koper and Trieste and the logistics center Fürnitz/Brnca in Austria.

The ports of the northern Adriatic are an important transport hub for intercontinental, long sea, and short and medium routes from the Mediterranean to China and are essential for the import-export economy.

The advantage of such meetings is that we can always contribute to new networking, potential cooperation as well as new perspectives. Networking with colleagues throughout Slovenia is of great importance because it contributes to the exchange of ideas, and motivation and encourages creative and perspective thinking.

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Olympic gold – congratulations to Janja Garnbret!

Janja Garnbret once again confirmed her absolute dominance in women’s sport climbing. The Slovenian took first place in two of the three combination disciplines at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, putting herself at the top of the podium with an Olympic gold medal.

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International cooperation in the energy sector

On Wednesday, 28 April 2021, the cooperation agreement between the Slovenian Business Association Carinthia (SGZ) and the Slovenian Energy Association (SZE) was signed at the Government’s Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians Abroad.

The following persons were present at the signing ceremony: prof. dr. Alojz Poredoš, President of the SZE, dr. Franc Žlahtič, SZE Board Member, KR Benjamin Wakounig, President of the SGZ and Vesna Hodnik Nikolic, MBA, SGZ-office.

With the agreement, the organisations laid the foundation for cooperation between energy companies, energy experts and the members of both organisations who are active in the energy sector. Furthermore, the signing of the agreement is an important step towards intensifying cross-border activities in the energy sector, which plays an important function in the development strategies of both countries.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Please note that our office will be closed from 23.12.2019 to 06.01.2020.

From 07.01.2020, we are happy to be there for you again!

Your ACTIV Team

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Janja Garnbret once again Sportswoman of the Year

For the second time in a row, climber Janja Garnbret is Slovenia’s Sportswoman of the Year. 105 members of the Slovenian Sports Journalists’ Association voted in the election.

We congratulate Janja Garnbret on being honoured with such award and wish her much continued success.

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Network expansion in Kosovo

According to the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO), economic growth in Kosovo is estimated at 4.0% in 2019 and 4.5% in 2020. Growth sectors continue to be construction and services, banks, insurance, mobile telephony and ICT. Market opportunities for Austrian companies exist primarily in the areas of transport infrastructure, environmental technology, energy, agriculture and IT.

On 09 – 11 October 2019 the Economic Mission “Business Opportunities Kosovo” took place in Priština (Kosovo). The event was organized by the Economic Chamber of Carinthia (WKK) in cooperation with the Slovenian Business Association (SGZ). The delegation led by the WKK President Jürgen Mandl and the SGZ President KommR. Benjamin Wakounig was received among others by the President of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce Berat Rukiqi. In addition, company presentations and B2B discussions with local companies were held.

By participating in the economic mission, ACTIV was able to expand its network and pursue goals such as raising awareness and accelerating activities on the Kosovar market.



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Slovenia and Japan discuss economic cooperation

The Embassy of Japan in Slovenia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia, public agency SPIRIT Slovenia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and JETRO, has organized a business forum on 03-04 October 2019 in order to provide the latest business environment information on Slovenia to Japanese companies. As representative of the global company Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd. and a company with many years of experience in the Slovenian market, ACTIV acted as a networker at the event.

The Republic of Slovenia has been a member of the EU since 2004 and of the Eurozone since 2007. It has been recording high economic growth rates (4.5% of GDP in 2018). The Government of Slovenia has also been attaching great importance to attracting investment from the priority markets, including Japan. The forum has introduced the advantages of Slovenia, including its strategic location and highly qualified labour force. Further, the participants could attend B2B meetings.

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Janja Garnbret wins third gold medal in Japan

The Slovenian successfully defended her combined title to win her third gold medal of the International Federation of Sport Climbing World Championships in Japan.

We congratulate Janja Garnbret on this extraordinary performance and wish her much continued success.

We look forward to hearing about your project.