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Energy Solutions
FGD TENT B project in Serbia

The flue gas desulfurization (FGD) plant removes sulfur dioxides (SO2) from flue gas produced by boilers, furnaces, and other sources. Construction of such plant in Serbia will significantly improve environmental protection and ecology.

Guided by the knowledge and experience of our employees, as well as the trust shown so far by Mitsubishi Power, construction of plants on TENT A and TENT B reduces air pollution, as well as improves energy efficiency in the country.

Construction of FGD plant on both TPP Nikola Tesla B units should reduce the total amount of sulfur dioxide emissions from 3,000 milligrams to 130 milligrams per cubic meter.

It is estimated that in addition to the above, the commissioning of this plant, will reduce the level of emitted solid particles into the atmosphere from the current 50 milligrams to below 10 milligrams per cubic meter.

FGD process has a gypsum of “euro” quality (more than 95 percent purity) widely used in construction as a bi-product. Mixed with ash and slag, it is used in road construction.

TENT B flue gas desulphurisation project will reduce the level of sulfur dioxide emissions from 80,000 tons per year, to 4,500 tons, which is about 20 times less.

All co-operating partners share a strategic vision, pursue compatible targets, and contribute to the progress of the project.

About Activ
We are pleased to officially unveil our new logo!

For the last 20 years our logo helped with an extra level of credibility to our company.

After careful consideration of our values and services and how they are reflected in our brand, we decided to modernize our logo.

The old logo was not clearly sufficiently linked to the service we provide, which is project management, particularly in the energy sector. New logo’s aim was to embody the company we have evolved into.

We kept the essential elements, as they are the basis of our company’s identity.

🔴The existing color palette has been slightly refreshed as part of the redesign for a more contemporary feel. By making precise improvements, we have created a more unified and coherent whole, ensuring that the colors work easily together. Blue continues to focus on trust, honesty and reliability, which are our guiding principles in maintaining customer loyalty. Red denotes our energy and passion for our business.

🔴 The sign above the typography indicates movement and action, emphasizing us as always goal-oriented, driven for the success of our projects – for your success.

🔴 The straight line with the added gradient has kept the basic idea, but at the same time we have modernized it to be more dynamic, solid, serious and modern.

Thank you graphic designers Wedesignstuff for bringing our logo ideas to life.

About Activ
Participation in the Koper/Trieste economic delegation 12.-13.5.22

The Austrian Carinthian Chamber of Commerce (WKK) and the Slovenian Business Association in Klagenfurt (SGZ) with an emphasis on logistics in the Alpine-Adriatic region, organized a visit to the ports of Koper and Trieste and the logistics center Fürnitz/Brnca in Austria.

The ports of the northern Adriatic are an important transport hub for intercontinental, long sea, and short and medium routes from the Mediterranean to China and are essential for the import-export economy.

The advantage of such meetings is that we can always contribute to new networking, potential cooperation as well as new perspectives. Networking with colleagues throughout Slovenia is of great importance because it contributes to the exchange of ideas, and motivation and encourages creative and perspective thinking.

Energy Solutions
FGD TENT A project in Serbia

Since 2019, Activ has been working on a large and important project that contributes to Serbia’s compliance with EU environmental standards and serves as a support for future EU accession efforts.

The construction site of the largest flue gas desulphurization project (FGD) for improving the environment in Serbia is progressing well. The expert teams of all partners cooperating on this project, are currently engaged at the Power Plant Nikola Tesla A in the commissioning, and installation of the pipelines, absorbers bottom, and wet stack.

On this project, Activ cooperates with longtime partner Mitsubishi Power. Our part is to care about the project – project management. Mitsubishi Power parts are the flue gas desulphurization system and the whole technology.

Energy Solutions
For the third year in a row, the Trebinje Energy Summit can boast of an excellent organization

Many scientists, professionals, and decision-makers from the energy sector, business, and industry attended the Summit again this year. This year’s event started with the expression “Building the energy future of the Western Balkans together”. The event was focused on the future of energy, fossil fuel divestment, and capacity building based on renewable energy sources.

Natural resources need to be carefully preserved and nurtured. The Trebinje Energy Summit provided an opportunity to hear from environmental experts who explained how to increase electricity production from renewable sources.

Together, we defined goals and strategy, which will enable the Western Balkans to join the European and world trends of the energy transition.

About Activ
Olympic gold – congratulations to Janja Garnbret!

Janja Garnbret once again confirmed her absolute dominance in women’s sport climbing. The Slovenian took first place in two of the three combination disciplines at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, putting herself at the top of the podium with an Olympic gold medal.

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