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Project Status: FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla A” thermal power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia


➡️ Installation of FRP pipelines and recirculation system pump house is progressing well.

➡️ Rubber lining of tanks and the flue gas ducts on C1 are going well, all seventeen segments of the wet stack on the absorber C1 were successfully installed.

Since 2019, Activ has been working on this large and important project together with Mitsubishi Power, Japan.

This project represents a significant environmental contribution to Serbia thanks to the FGD system, emissions of sulphur dioxide and particles will be reduced 9️⃣-times in the future, from about 74,000 tons to 7,800 tons per year.

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Energy Solutions Project Managemnet
Kelag Renewable Energy Conference “The road is long, the time is short”


Our partner KELAG-Kärntner Elektrizitäts-Aktiengesellschaft organized The Renewable Energy Conference. 🌱☀️🔋

The topic was “The road is long, the time is short,” with a focus on the energy transition in times of crisis.  

🟢 Top-class speakers in business, science, and politics dealt with questions such as renewable energy sources, energy turnaround, and climate protection from different perspectives, including political, technical, and economic points of view.

🟢 Speakers largely agreed that these issues, especially in light of the current conflicts, are a challenging task that concerns everyone, not only politicians and energy suppliers.

ACTIV attends their conference every year as a representative of Kelag in the Western Balkans, mainly because the best speakers always discuss current and future challenges in energy supply.


Energy Solutions Project Managemnet
Project Status: FGD Plant at the “Nikola Tesla B” thermal power plant in Obrenovac, Serbia


☑️ We have verified the project implementation alongside our partner Mitsubishi Power from Japan, a company that will provide state-of-the-art flue gas desulphurisation technology on this project.

The TENT B flue gas desulphurisation project will reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from 80,000 tons per year, to 4,500 tons, which is about 20 times less.

Therefore, the construction of the FGD plant will not only extend the lifetime of the TENT B unit, but also reduce the level of air pollution while improving energy efficiency in the country.

☑️ The project is progressing very well thanks to the efforts, expertise and experience of all the partners involved.


About Activ
ACTIV Celebrates 30 Years

The 30th anniversary is of great significance and needs to be celebrated properly, which is exactly what we did at ACTIV.

We visited a winery in Goriška Brda, the village of Štanjel and a prosciutto factory in the Karst region in Slovenia. 🍷

Employees from 🇦🇹 Austria, 🇷🇸 Serbia and our 🇸🇮 Ljubljana office joined the celebration, as well as some retired employees.

We spent quality time together to celebrate the anniversary, but we also took the time to analyse how the company has evolved over the years, discuss good practices and take advice from former employees that will certainly help us in our future development.

Since we are of different mindsets and ages and come from different educational backgrounds, we may have different ways of thinking and looking at problems, we may also operate and manage projects differently in some cases.

This diversity is an advantage for our company, as it can only improve our overall productivity and company culture. Having several different opinions leads to creative solutions and innovative methods that help us achieve our goals and improve our business.

🔴 We are growing together.

As much as possible, we need to get to know each other, each other’s work styles and each other’s characters, so that we can find the best solutions for the success of our projects and the company as a whole.




Energy Solutions Project Managemnet
New and strengthened strategic partnership with AMK Kraków S.A.

We are proud to announce a new and strengthened strategic partnership with AMK Kraków S.A.

AMK KRAKÓW S.A. is a modern engineering company offering customized technologies and products compliant with the IPPC Directive. All products and services offered by the company meet the highest quality standards, and environmental and safety aspects are always taken into account during the implementation of projects.

⭕The company’s range of services includes completion of new installations and industrial facilities as well as their modernization.

⭕Their products and services are used in the non-ferrous metals industry as well as in the energy, metallurgy, cement and lime industries and refineries.

We look forward to working with them on projects in South East Europe, as we believe that by partnering with AMK Kraków S.A., we offer our customers additional innovative technologies and solutions to reduce emissions in the energy sector.

Our shared mission is to ensure the highest quality standards and environmental considerations in the most demanding projects, and to continuously adapt to the latest sustainable technologies.

About Activ
Our managing director about youth, education and the close economic cooperation between Austria and Slovenia

According to our General Director Benjamin Wakounig, the President of The Slovenian Business Association (SGZ): “Slovenia and Austria are so closely linked economically that we can hardly do without each other”.

As the CEO of ACTIV Project Management and the President of The Slovenian Business Association, he supports the development of young people, especially young entrepreneurs.

From his experience, he says: “Our primary goal must be to take youth seriously and, with them, to maintain peace in Europe – in the past we would have said to preserve it, today I say – to restore it.”

Read more in the article from Das Magazin aus unserem Bundesland Kärnten Regional:

Plädoyer für die Jugend, Frieden und mehr Bildung

BENJAMIN WAKOUNIG: “I grew up in a Slovenian-speaking home; my father was a blacksmith, my mother a housewife. I’m proud of that.”

We look forward to hearing about your project.