We are pleased to officially unveil our new logo!
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We are pleased to officially unveil our new logo!

For the last 20 years our logo helped with an extra level of credibility to our company.

After careful consideration of our values and services and how they are reflected in our brand, we decided to modernize our logo.

The old logo was not clearly sufficiently linked to the service we provide, which is project management, particularly in the energy sector. New logo’s aim was to embody the company we have evolved into.

We kept the essential elements, as they are the basis of our company’s identity.

🔴The existing color palette has been slightly refreshed as part of the redesign for a more contemporary feel. By making precise improvements, we have created a more unified and coherent whole, ensuring that the colors work easily together. Blue continues to focus on trust, honesty and reliability, which are our guiding principles in maintaining customer loyalty. Red denotes our energy and passion for our business.

🔴 The sign above the typography indicates movement and action, emphasizing us as always goal-oriented, driven for the success of our projects – for your success.

🔴 The straight line with the added gradient has kept the basic idea, but at the same time we have modernized it to be more dynamic, solid, serious and modern.

Thank you graphic designers Wedesignstuff for bringing our logo ideas to life.