Kelag Renewable Energy 2023 Conference
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Kelag Renewable Energy 2023 Conference

As we move further into December, it’s a great time to look back at the impactful events of the past month. One such event was the “Renewable Energy 2023 Conference“, hosted by Kelag.

It was a gathering that brought together a high-caliber audience of experts, innovating for a sustainable future.

The central theme, “Cooperation and participation – a new dynamic for the energy transition?” resonated deeply with our mission at ACTIV. With over 30 years of experience in project management and energy solutions, we understand the significance of collaborative efforts in achieving sustainable energy solutions.

🌟 The conference, attended by around 300 participants, was an excellent platform to reinforce the importance of strengthening cooperation for a sustainable energy future.

Danny Güthlein, CEO of Kelag, highlighted the need for a networked, complex, and fragmented approach to reach the ambitious target of 100% energy from renewable sources by 2040.

Reinhard Draxler, CEO of Kelag, further emphasized the role of long-term cooperation and transnational projects in local development, security of supply, and climate protection.

Anders Indset’s keynote speech on the symbiosis between human, machine, and ecology for the energy transition was particularly enlightening.

As a proud and long-standing partner of Kelag, ACTIV is committed to contributing to renewable energy projects.

We’re excited to continue this journey, bringing our expertise in project management and energy solutions to the forefront.