ACTIV Celebrates 30 Years
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ACTIV Celebrates 30 Years

The 30th anniversary is of great significance and needs to be celebrated properly, which is exactly what we did at ACTIV.

We visited a winery in Goriška Brda, the village of Štanjel and a prosciutto factory in the Karst region in Slovenia. 🍷

Employees from 🇦🇹 Austria, 🇷🇸 Serbia and our 🇸🇮 Ljubljana office joined the celebration, as well as some retired employees.

We spent quality time together to celebrate the anniversary, but we also took the time to analyse how the company has evolved over the years, discuss good practices and take advice from former employees that will certainly help us in our future development.

Since we are of different mindsets and ages and come from different educational backgrounds, we may have different ways of thinking and looking at problems, we may also operate and manage projects differently in some cases.

This diversity is an advantage for our company, as it can only improve our overall productivity and company culture. Having several different opinions leads to creative solutions and innovative methods that help us achieve our goals and improve our business.

🔴 We are growing together.

As much as possible, we need to get to know each other, each other’s work styles and each other’s characters, so that we can find the best solutions for the success of our projects and the company as a whole.