Fueling Young Minds for a Greener Future: “H2STUDENT Sparks a Hydrogen-Powered Learning Experience!”
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Fueling Young Minds for a Greener Future: “H2STUDENT Sparks a Hydrogen-Powered Learning Experience!”

H2STUDENT is the first program in Slovenia dedicated to promoting young students’ competences in the field of hydrogen, with the mission of teaching them to learn about a sustainable future on their own. Through this program, they gain a comprehensive understanding that truly emission-free mobility and transport require the simultaneous development of the entire hydrogen value chain, connecting energy supply from nature with human demand.🔋⚡️

👉 More than 5000 primary and secondary school pupils have been successfully trained so far.

👉 H2STUDENT, alongside our esteemed partner ECUBES, has been spreading knowledge about hydrogen technologies in Slovenia and Croatia since 2019.

👨‍🏫  During the recent 3rd Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic Conference, where the H2HSTUDENT program was presented, we had the pleasure of witnessing the Grand Prix Hydrogen cars racing competition, where students showcased their skills. The competition emphasized the principles of DESIGN-BUILD-WIN, encouraging creativity and innovation among the participants.

We couldn’t agree more with the program provider, Dr. Matjaž Knez of the Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor – children deserve enjoyable learning experiences. And H2STUDENT delivers that through engaging lectures, online content and numerous learning games. 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬

By raising young people’s awareness of the positive effects of using H2 technologies, H2STUDENT is spreading the idea of ​​sustainable mobility, the usability of hydrogen and the potential uses of H2 technologies among the general population.

🤝Activ has been supporting this remarkable program from the very beginning. We wish them continued success, especially at this year’s COP28 conference in Dubai.