3rd Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic Conference
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3rd Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic Conference

🌍 The 3rd Hydrogen Ecosystem North Adriatic Conference started today at Vila Vipolže in Goriška Brda, with focus on fostering unprecedented cross-regional cooperation in the transition towards a clean energy future based on clean hydrogen.

The objectives of this conference are:

• To accelerate activities related to the development of the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley (NAHV) project, the highest-scoring large-scale Transnational Hydrogen Valley project in the EU in 2023.
• To bust other already ongoing projects developed by industry towards the regional hydrogen ecosystem to accelerate regional and European energy transition.

We are thrilled to be part of this inspiring event, where numerous like-minded individuals gather to recognize the paramount importance of striving towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

🌱 It is crucial to recognize that carbon neutrality cannot be achieved without clean hydrogen. And the path to clean hydrogen begins with taking action NOW.

Thank you ECUBES Hydrogen & Flexibility, Clean Hydrogen Partnership, Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research for bringing people together to be part of such an important debate.