Women business delegation in Ljubljana 👩‍💼💼
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Women business delegation in Ljubljana 👩‍💼💼

Our Activ team member, Mateja Cmager, had a chance to attend a women business delegation in Ljubljana the previous week, organised by SGZ – Slovenska gospodarska zveza v Celovcu / Slowenischer Wirtschaftsverband Kärnten, and meet some truly amazing and successful women in business. She shared with us some insights from the event. 👇

Director of the Center of Business Excellence at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, mag. Monika Lapanja, and MBA programme manager, Maja Kožuh (Urh), introduced the attendees to the issue of cultural differences by conducting a BaFa BaFa simulation.

It was eye-opening to see how culture impacts our personal and work environments, reminding us of the importance of reflecting on our own behaviour and attitudes towards others.🤝

🌍Embracing diversity is crucial in our work environment!

Attendees also had the pleasure of hearing from Alesa Mizigoj, the First Lady and driving force behind Medex d.o.o.🐝 Under her exceptional leadership, Medex has become one of Europe’s top manufacturers of food supplements based on bee products and other natural ingredients.🌿

Feedback from our colleague who attended the event made us think, more than ever, what a major impact on economic development, presence of women in business has.

👉Despite major progress there are still some challenges that women in business face, as many of them have pointed out, such as limited access to finance, the stereotypes and prejudices associated with female business leadership, difficulty in navigating business and family life, lack of mentoring support and mentoring opportunities, …

At Activ, we’re fully committed to supporting women’s entrepreneurship. We’re determined to set new standards and empower the next generation of women in business, which is reflected in the representation of women in various workplaces in Activ.💪

Together, let’s create an environment that fosters equal opportunities and amplifies the voices of talented women across all industries.🌟🔊